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Advanced Java Utility Classes

laforge49/utils     lib cow     The Apache Software License, Version 2.0


4/15/2015 version 0.11.0: Links

The database now supports both 1-way and 2-way links. Creating arbitrarily large and complex structures is easy.

0.12.0     Download    


4/11/2015 version 0.11.0: Secondary Ids

The database now supports secondary ids.

0.11.0     Download    


4/6/2015 version 0.10.0: Journaling Database

The database has now been extended to fully support journalling, where for any journal entry you can identify the things that have been changed and for any given thing you can identify the journal entries which changed it.

0.10.0     Download    


4/4/2015 version 0.9.0: Virtual AA Trees

AA Trees can partition themselves into blocks on serialization. The net result is a database that can support very large map lists.

0.9.0     Download    


3/27/2015 version 0.8.0: A Basic COW DB

A COW database that supports multiple blocks.

0.8.0     Download    


3/25/2015 version 0.7.0: The Calf

The Calf is a small Copy On Write database with a single block that is alternately written to two areas on disk.

0.7.0     Download    


3/23/2015 version 0.6.0: Immutables

Earlier packages are dropped in favor of an immutables package with both versioned and non-versioned map lists supporting lazy de-serialization and smart re-serialization.

0.6.0     Download    

3/19/2015 version 0.5.0: Lazy Deserialization / Smart Reserialization

Serialization of large structures can be quite slow. The solution is to only deserialize it as you need it.

Serialization can also be made smart by retaining the serialized data. This is especially true when the data structure is immutable.

0.5.0     Download    

3/14/2015 version 0.4.0: Durability

0.4.0     Download    

3/12/2015 version 0.3.0: An Immutable Versioning Map-List

0.3.0     Download    

3/10/2015 version 0.2.0: A Simple Versioning Map-List

0.2.0     Jar file: utils     Source Jar file: utils    

2/11/2015 version 0.1.0: A multi-threaded cache

Jar file: utils     Source Jar file: utils        

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